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author - cnainee / 2005-10-25 /
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As a happy owner of Motorola MPX200 smartphone I am quite surprised how few homescreen galleries is on the web. Situation becames much worse when LeMondeDuSkin was closed. The only one gallery known to me at this time is at Modaco. So I have decided to release my own homescreens. Enjoy.

If you know about any cool homescreen gallery let me know in discussion below !!!

porscheCapture.jpg snbGirlCapture.jpg


Download: Porsche Homescreen | SnbGirl Homescreen | SnbLady Homescreen


  1. IzOn 2006-03-03 / 10.52 am

    Měl bych jeden tip na homescreeny..
    Snad se budou líbit :o)

  2. titameh 2006-03-23 / 10.02 am

    pokud ja vim tak homescreeny jsou na strance
    a je jich tam pres 300 … staci si vybrat…..

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