Quest For The Lost Sea

author - Martin Chlupáč / 12. 11. 2005

Troy Found Anew

The ancient city of Troy has been discovered several times already. It lies in Turkey, also in Britain, even in Finland … We came across an unknown work of a deceased amateur scientist who developed a theory (based on convincing arguments) that turns on its head the traditional explanation of Europe’s oldest written history.

The author says, for example, that the Argonauts stole the Golden Fleece in Romania, Ovid spent his exile in Serbia, Troy was in the mountains of Rumania and Ulysses lost his boat and his loot on the Danube. All this happened around a huge freshwater sea covering most of what is now Hungary. The sea dried up at the end of that ancient era and the world soon forgot about it. Well, at least the Pannon Sea seems to be a fact. Is the rest of the story real as well? That’s what I would like to know.

I am a TV director, not a scientist. I know for sure this is the sort of thing that promises an interesting movie. Erich von Däniken became famous with much less plausible theories. So I offer the basic arguments of the author. I intend to shoot a TV series about it in the future and I would welcome any contribution.

Pannon Sea

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