IImage Browser 1.4

författare - malyfred / 4. 1. 2005

I have fixed space encoding problem and you can create thumbnails anytime not just during upload.

More details and Download.


  1. buggs 2. 5. 2005 / 4.47

    I am having problems openinig Image Browswer 1.4.4 Beta. When I try to unzip it says corrupt or invalid file. I can open 1.4.2 with no problem. Can you advsise how I can get it?

    Thanks for the neat plug

  2. Wandering Bloom » Lmbbox-Filepress 15. 7. 2005 / 9.43

    […] Fri 15 Jul 2005 Lmbbox-Filepress Posted under Plugins  I was IImage Browser by malyfred before and it was good except that at that time it doesn’t have a thumbna […]

  3. David Martinez 19. 9. 2005 / 5.55

    Hello, I have just installed IImage Browser 1.4.6. When I go into the WP admin to create a post, I do see the cool new IImage browser quicktag button (which is GREAT). I type some text into the field, and hit the quicktag button for IImage Browser.

    The window pops up and and I can see the images (in text format). What I don’t understand is how to select the pictures from the list provided for me in the pop up window. I don’t get the image preview either in the pop up window. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Dave Martinez

  4. malyfred 19. 9. 2005 / 10.07

    David Martinez> Look at original page about IIB and comment #330

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