“this will not be my best summer ever…”

author - malyfred / 2005-06-29 /
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location: Kullaberg, Sweden; time: June 2005

Hej dear,
this picture is just for you to help you to forget that bloody sentence – "this will not be my best summer ever…".
That's certainly not true! You are a pilot, right? Free as a bird, no?!


  1. tofu007 2005-06-29 / 12.31 am

    Super ;o)

  2. dupe 2005-07-04 / 9.11 pm

    Tak tomu rikam vune svobody! Uplne me zni v usich krik racku a citim slany vzduch… rad bych zase na more…

  3. Thierry 2006-11-21 / 1.21 am

    Beautifull picture.

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