Stop Smoking!

author - malyfred / 2004-11-18


  1. 2005-11-29 / 11.26 pm

    How to quit smoking

    There comes a time in every smoker’s life when they say to themselves “man, I really hate this shit….I should quit.” Until this time, quitting is almost impossible. Cigarettes are addictive, very addictive, and you really hav…

  2. Tony James 2006-04-03 / 7.32 pm

    That’s great! It’s always inspiring to see the support for people who wants to quit smoking. I have been an ex-smoker myself for 15 years. That is why I know exactly how it feels and also how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and the psychological aspect of it.

    I now publish a newsletter to help people quit smoking with ease without the discomfort of cravings.

    It is at:

    Feel free to subscribe to it,

    All the best to attaining a smoke-free life!

  3. mark harwood 2006-08-26 / 10.59 pm


    i dont mean this to sound nasty but on that link to your news letter site is has a bullet point that says

    Why the cold turkey method of quitting smoking is a big joke

    and well i think that line is a big joke i went cold turnkey and it worked for me i stopped with will power

    i personally didnt need help

    if you really want to quit you will you have to have the power to fight the temptation

    thanks mark

  4. Joan 2007-05-29 / 1.36 pm

    My Dad smokes and I hate it, I’ve heard passive smoking can be worse so I do really pester him to quit ‘cuz it’s probably doing me worse!!! I know it’s hard for people to quit and I do understand it’s his choice but I wish there was a way to convince him to quit, smoking is honestly REALLY GROSS -No offence to smokers.

  5. stephanie cadman 2007-07-05 / 2.42 pm

    Hi i think the smoking ban is not working very well and i think there should be more police around to catch people smoking there is also a no smoking ban policy like if the council are going round your house you are not aloud to smoke 2 hours before they come . Thank You

  6. stephanie cadman 2007-07-05 / 2.44 pm

    passive smoking is dangerous cause my dad smoke’s upstairs and when he comes downstairs he stinks of it and i don’t like it as well as joan does sorry to anyone that doesn’t agree with me.

  7. jodie jacob teeh 2007-07-10 / 4.05 pm

    i smoke and i think this is a load of crap smokin calms u down

  8. Josh witts 2007-07-10 / 4.05 pm

    i dont think this will work

  9. keiran 2007-07-11 / 3.53 pm

    i think that smoking is like any other illegal drug.

  10. keiran 2007-07-11 / 3.54 pm

    keep smoking guys

  11. andrew 2007-09-06 / 10.45 am

    i think tobaco and alcohol are more dangerous than diazepam and pthedine

  12. sujan 2007-09-06 / 10.58 am

    why to drink and drive when you can smoke and fly

  13. sasss 2007-11-14 / 1.40 am

    i think that smoking does bother, if u want to die young it is your god damn like. in other wise if u don’t like it,please leave us addicts alone.

  14. Frank 2007-11-24 / 2.22 pm

    “why to drink and drive when you can smoke and fly.” You can smoke and but you can’t fly. And soon you will not be able to afford to smoke.

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