Smoking kills, everywhere…

författare - cnainee / 20. 2. 2005


  1. audrey van oostrum 22. 4. 2005 / 18.16

    Smoking is really stupid.You pay money 4 something that is bad 4 u!
    The government always puts pictres on the boxes of cigs when he could probly just say,ok.enough is enough.Smokng is dumb,no more in my
    country.Because how many accidents have happened because of this?!?!?!
    Will you tell me?I think if every one stopped the world would be
    much better.

  2. cnainee 25. 4. 2005 / 18.37

    Problem is, that smoking is great bussines for tabaco comapnies even for each goverment :O(

  3. ur nan 4. 1. 2007 / 14.53

    fuck u i love smoking and everyone is oing to die sometime so what the hell

  4. Souha 30. 5. 2007 / 20.53

    smoking is the most horribale and stupid thing to do. it kills people makes them look stupid and changes the personality. my cousin died from smoking to much he got cancer. i ahve a high school essay and i’m doing it on smoking should be illegal

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