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autor - thefly / 29. 3. 2006
The two opponents

I often ask Berlusconi's supporters about the opinion foreign countries and journalists have about us. If, as Mr.B says, in Italy everything is controlled by the communists, from television (that's incredibly silly as he controls 90% of the television) to newspapers, tribunals etc., that shouldn't be true about foreign sources.

I post two links to articles by foreign online newspapers here:

Here, in our beautiful Republic, we have at least three big newspapers: La Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera and Il Sole 24 Ore. The first one doesn't hide it's central-left wing position and anti-berlusconi policy, but Il Corriere was a big supporter of Mr.B. during the last elections. It was pretty shocking to read two weeks ago the editorial by the newspaper's Director Paolo Mieli where he officially suggests the election of Romano Prodi and of the central-left wing coalition.

Il Sole 24 Ore is Confindustria's newspaper. "Founded in 1910 Confindustria is the lead organization representing the manufacturing, construction, energy, transportation, ITC, tourism and services industries in Italy." It's director is also suggesting the left wings coalition election, which is a representative opinion considering it comes from a "business" newspaper which is supposed, by common-sense, to support Berlusconi.

Three big events happened since my first post that I'd like to report and comment:

  1. Berlusconi's visit to USA's Congress: 1 month ago (the 1st of March) Berlusconi was invited for a speech where he talked about USA as the example of freedom and democracy. He told a small story about his father bringing him to the military graveyard explaining him about the sacrifice of Americans during WW2 to set us free. He later recieved the Intrepid Freedom award for his efforts to promote and defend the values of freedom and democracy. Useless to say that in Italy this was considered nearly like a "joke", one of those Mr.B. likes to tell during his TV shows. One of his Tv channels broadcasted the whole speech LIVE and this was criticised in Italy considering we are under elections (do you remember about the Par Condicio law?). My personal opinion is that it's not a bad thing to broadcast our Prime Minister's visit to USA's Congress, but it's a pretty weird coincidence this happened 1 month before the elections… and on his own TV channel. But we are just wrong-minded communists.
  2. Official Face-to-Face between Romano Prodi and Silvio Berlusconi: we had the first of two face-to-face discussions using USA's rules (each of them had 2:30minutes for their answers plus 1 more minute to add something). It was hard to see a winner out of this fight, but the polls reported 1 more point for the left-wing coalition. Berlusconi's reaction was a big attack to this face-to-face format, stating it's illiberal. Pretty funny considering it was him who pushed Prodi to accept this fight and considering that the rules were accepted by both the politicians.
  3. Berlusconi goes to Annunziata: Berlusconi was invited to Mrs. Annunziata's (former state TV's fairness authority guarantor) "30 minuti" (30 minutes) TV programme. But only after 15 minutes Mr.B. left the show after repeatedly requesting Mrs. Annunziata to ask him to explain his government plan for the next 5 years. As a reaction Mrs. Annunziata kept on asking him to answer to HER questions, as that is the aim of a journalist. The result was Berlusconi's escape from the programme.

    It's a common opinion that Annunziata looked for the clash, but for sure she was the first journalist, after many years, who disallowed the Premier from performing his own TV show.

I strongly advice reading the two quoted articles.
As usual Wikipedia does a great work.

  1. malyfred 30. 3. 2006 / 15.52

    Is that true that people actually don’t vote for Prodi but against Berlusconi?

    I mean – is Prodi strong enough to keep Italy in some kind of stability? What do you think?

  2. thefly 30. 3. 2006 / 18.09

    It is true. A common joke is that our central-left wing coalition is too slow for the voters. But not having Berlusconi as a Prime Minister is such a good point that it could be the only one in their government plan. We are waiting for our leaders at the finish line.
    Prodi is a statist, he’s a professionist politician and an expert economist but the points are two:

    1) does this make him a good leader?
    2) because of the photo-finish election our leftwing coalition had to accept also kinda radical parties. Will they push the coalition to a breaking point in a few years as Berlusconi expects?

    The other point is that our left coalition is already promising new laws that wouldn’t allow Berlusconi’s political life in the future (nothing ad personam, just a fair law about conflict of interests), so this election might finally allow us to get rid of one of our cancers.

    If Prodi will be brave enough to make riforms which are necessary even if the average voter won’t agree (don’t forget we are talking about italians…) then I think we might have the possibility to jump out ot the black hole we’re in now. Right today the NY Herald Tribune newspaper published an article about our big problem with the jobs market, where multi-graduated young people work as web designers for less than 1000 euros with contracts that don’t last longer than 3 months. Guess who’s happy about this situation? Of course big companies (less taxes to pay and an easy way to get rid of employees). And guess what it means for my generation? Banks slap their doors on our faces when we ask for money.

    Cool, ha?

  3. malyfred 1. 4. 2006 / 11.44

    thefly:: Well, young people employment seems to be very explosive issue all around Europe. Look at France and their huge strikes just few weeks ago.

    I hope you’ll get better government than you have now. You definitely deserve it after years of Berlusconism.

  4. Robinik 2. 4. 2006 / 0.00

    Since in Italy newspaper are in hand of left-politics you’ll never read something good about a great man.

  5. thefly 2. 4. 2006 / 23.01

    This is the perfect example of why italy is going down. Who exactly is controlling/owning the newspapers? Tell me names and how. Expecially Il Corriere della Sera and Il Sole 24 Ore. That’s simply amazing. I’m happy somebody wrote this comment, you’ve got the perfect example of the average italian.

  6. thefly 2. 4. 2006 / 23.05

    Oh, I forgot to say, what about foreign newspapers? Are they also controlled by left-politics? Italian left-politics? I think it’s easyer to think that the simplest explanation is the right one (

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