IImage Gallery 1.3

author - malyfred / 2005-06-14

After a long long time – new and quite often requested feature has been added: stand-alone browser for images with link to next/previous image in the gallery.

Try it here:

For more info and download continue to IImage Gallery


  1. tofu007 2005-06-14 / 7.06 pm

    Petr Pan ;o)

  2. malyfred 2005-06-15 / 2.23 am

    Are you sure?:)

  3. Two-Much.Info » Two much design 2005-07-31 / 2.49 pm

    […] he plugin I was looking for anymore… In my quest for an image gallery, I added IImage Gallery, but I don’t think I’m going to be using it be […]

  4. pflack 2005-08-26 / 3.01 pm

    OK, I plugged it in, now where is it? It doesn’t show up as a button as does IImage Browser?

  5. malyfred 2005-08-26 / 6.31 pm

    pflack> What would you expect from such a button?:) Just try to write to your post:

    <img src="somepath" />
    <img src="somepath" />
    <img src="somepath" />

  6. dave 2005-08-29 / 5.28 pm

    is it possible to integrate the gallery into the WP site instead of having it go to a standalone page?

  7. malyfred 2005-08-29 / 7.07 pm

    dave> Download the new “integrated template” from the original IIG site: IIG and modify it as you need.

  8. dave 2005-08-30 / 12.54 am

    thanks, i’ll get it working later tonight. great plugins.

  9. Burning Hate 2005-09-15 / 9.23 am

    Gallery… a PHP photo gallery

    I’ve been working all morning setting up a website based on Gallery.
    I needed a PHP based photo gallery with multiple albums, etc and this looked like a good solution.
    Let me say… this software is excellent. It was a breeze to set up a p…

  10. antonio 2006-03-10 / 1.53 am

    I have upgrade to wordpress 2.0 but the plugin not work…arghhhhhhhhhhhhh
    is preview a upgrade for version 2.0.
    Yes… I hope.. is my best plugin…

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