Here Comes The Snus Little Darlin’

author - malyfred / 2006-10-18

One million Swedes cannot be wrong


  1. charlie 2006-10-21 / 9.54 pm

    =o)) good… kde se to vzalo?

  2. malyfred 2006-10-22 / 9.06 am

    Snus came out of snuff which was first used in the year 1560 by the queen of France Katarina de Medici as a cure for headache. Jean Nicot, French ambassador in Lissabon, told her to take tobacco and make it into a powder(dry) and sniff it up her nose. It apparently worked and soon became very popular in the higher society of France. This snuff quickly spread through Europe and the Swedish high society began using it around the year 1640. When Napoleon fell however, the snuff fell out of fashion and people began smoking cigars instead. Around 1790-1800 Swedish farmers began putting the snuff under their lips instead of sniffing it and they produced it themselves. The snus got more and more popular and brands began to pop up. “Ettan” was the most popular and the biggest brand in 1822. Between 1846 and 1930 a lot of swedish people emigrated to America and so the snus was also seen there and became sort of a trademark for Sweden and Swedish people.

  3. sam garten 2006-11-09 / 5.17 pm

    looking for images of snus users discarding used sachets..examples of litter caused by used snus packets..

    your help is appreciated..

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