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What we pay, what they pay us and what the government “steals” from all of us!in the Czech Republic

The marked value is the average czech salary in the last quarter 2005.

Let me explain what is behind the term “average salary”. The average salary is:

  • Gross: 20,841CZK (~720€)
  • Net: 15,670CZK (~540€)
  • The employer's cost: 28,136CZK (~970€)
    which means 1.76 times more than you earn!

This “stealing rate” is more visible if your income is equal to … let's say… average German salary:

  • Gross: 46,000CZK (~1600€)
  • Net: 31,600CZK (~1100€)
  • The employer's cost: 62,100CZK (~2150€)
    that means no fewer than 1.96 times more than you earn!

For some reason most (all?) european governments think that progressive taxation is a good idea. Well, I don't think that I can change it but the government shouldn't hide the fact the the taxes are actually much higher than the employees think!

Your company pays for your work twice more
than you earn!


  1. cnainee 2006-04-07 / 11.39 pm

    Holly shit, dude:)

  2. Peter 2006-04-09 / 10.56 am

    Long live progressive taxes! There are too many people in this world that earn more money than they can possibly spend. I believe you can do great things with taxes. Health care, education and more.
    Hurray to Sweden and all lefties!

  3. malyfred 2006-04-09 / 12.28 pm

    The point is that the people should know that the taxing rates are much much higher than is claimed by government. The same people could ask government then to actually do something.

    For example in Sweden everybody knows that he has to pay high taxes, but nobody hesitates to enjoy all benefits from the government he can get (4000SEK per month for uni students and so forth) and the government is really offering some unusual benefits.

    I’m a bit afraid that it doesn’t work like that in other Europen countries that pretend to have very strong social system but in the end – they don’t offer anything special for their citizens. In most cases so called “social system” just means higher unemployment grant. That’s not something I’d call social system!

    Progressive taxation could be good idea if the additional amount of money was used properly. But more money in the system doesn’t necessarily mean more good stuff for people. It just gives more chances for politicians to hide were all the money goes.

    There are very few poor people in the Europe at the moment and even less uneducated people who couldn’t handle their lives on their own if they had job and enough time to do that.

    I’m a big fan of the European Union but it should be much less social oriented than it is. Social “experiments” don’t work in the large scale! The society can be built on the social principles as long as it is small society. The EU must stand on the principles of the free market and the EU role should be making this market as open as possible. That means for example free education for everybody. On the contrary – our healt care system in the Czech Republic shows that health care is not something that should be completely free.

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