Acer Aspire 1363WLMi – drivers, firmware

author - cnainee / 2005-03-28

As a happy new user of Acer Aspire 1363WLMi notebook I found useful to place here some related links.

Official Acer Aspire 1360 driver page

Via Hyperion drivers & Vinyl Stylus audio driver & Ethernet driver

Drivers for Vinyl audio are far from perfection. For reducing most of the noise and cracking I recommend to use drivers obtained thorough Windows Update (not the ones from Via with Vinyl deck) and mute all audio inputs – especially pc speaker, line in and microphone.

nVidia ForceWare driver
Note, that not all versions of ForceWare drivers contain driver for GeForce FX Go graphic accelerator.

Synaptics Touch pad driver

Modem driver

Mobile Sempron processor driver

INPROCOMM IPN2220 page (wifi chip)

Service manual

Thread at Notebooks forum

Acer Aspire 1360 Virtual tour

Model I own has LiteOn SOSW-852S DVD writer that can be easily flashed to support dual layer DVD+R discs.

Flash utility

Firmware page at CDFreaks

Originally I had PRS7 firmware. I tried PST3, 6SO7 but when comes to DVD burning it fails. At this moment best working firmware seems to be PS01.


  1. ARLIN 2005-04-18 / 9.49 pm


  2. cnainee 2005-04-19 / 11.25 pm

    >ARLIN: You do not need any driver. This drive is correctly detected and installed by operating system (win2000, winXP & Linux).

  3. Eddie 2005-05-20 / 11.37 pm

    I bought this computer 1 month ago, it’s somekind of noise all the time, what went wrong with this computer? Is the bios problem? I got V.1.09 0x4edd, and I downloaded a V.1.09 0xae43 from acer website, which one is newer? Can you help me out? Thanks so much!

  4. cnainee 2005-05-21 / 2.13 am

    This laptop has a cooler which works slower or faster depending on load of cpu. However it is still working and make some noise. It is quite useful to install ‘Mobile AMD Sempron Processor Driver’ from AMD Site that enables Power Now! technology – when power is not asked from CPU it runs slower, produces less heat a cooler can work slower.

    About the version of bios, I am not sure, but I think they are the same versions and there is no reason to update it.

  5. Alainp 2005-05-28 / 7.09 pm

    I’m the happy owner of an Acer 1363 WLMI. I want to flash my DVD burner firmware, but the link you provided does not work anymore. Could you please send me the flash utility and the firmware (a working one). Thanks.

  6. cnainee 2005-05-28 / 7.41 pm

    Alainp> Thanks for reporting broken links. I have already fix them. Direct links are:

    Flash tool –

    Firmware –

  7. spk 2005-06-16 / 3.46 am

    hi, just for say that the link “INPROCOMM IPN2220 page (wifi chip)” don’t work ;) bye

  8. cnainee 2005-06-16 / 1.39 pm

    spk> thanks for report :O). It seems that inprocomm site is temporarily down… so .. we will see

  9. yevgen 2005-08-01 / 1.03 am

    Hi,I’m glad to find your page , i hope you can help me.i’v got acer Aspire 1363WLMi ,but i have problem with nVIDIA G FORCE FX ,can you tell me where i can find it and how to install it.Thank you!

  10. micke 2005-10-10 / 2.43 pm

    there are so called omegadrivers for the geforce fx 5200 card that is in the 1362wlmi laptop, if you google for “omegadrivers” you should come to a page that has the optimized drivers, increases ALOT of fps in all games, the latest version is something 1.96633 or something like that, dont remember correctly but you wont find any other drivers but the latest ones from the omegadriver page. Enjoy!

  11. Kalief von Koeln 2005-11-24 / 9.24 pm


    special Thanks four your Supporttipp.

    By Kalief
    User of

  12. Vlad 2005-12-15 / 1.59 am

    For “powernow” support, please go to the north american support site of acer that has much more recent drivers than the european one. Especially you’ll find there a 1.14 version of the bios that activates “powernow” features (see changes log) when combined with the correct AMD driver for windows XP. You can test it with the “AMD Power Monitor” program provided by AMD itself.

  13. cnainee 2005-12-15 / 11.20 am

    Vlad> Thanks a lot for useful suggestion. Here is the direct link.

  14. Hannibal 2005-12-28 / 3.34 am

    Hi there!

    2 probs here:

    >wi-fi: in my university we have a wlan system; all the times that I try to login, it doesn’t work;I’ve talked to the sysAdmin, and he explained me that each time that the pc receives the encryption key from the system, the wifi card resets and turns all option and configuraions to null, not being able to login; this with a IPN2220 wifi card (drver version Anyone knows where to find a driver that has this problem solved?;

    in this same pc I have a LiteOn SlimType DVDRW SOSW-852S with firmware PRS9, which is supposed to read+write all types of dvd and cd media. Whie talking of cds, all goes ok, as for dvd, it doesn’t read or write any type, + or -. It’s still under warranty, but sending it for repair for 1 or 2 months its just too much. Any alternative/suggestion, that doesn’t void the warranty?

  15. Neuromancer 2005-12-29 / 5.26 am

    Excellent job thank U for supporting us :D

  16. Janice 2006-01-04 / 1.16 am

    I lose my sound on my computer.

  17. dancer 2006-03-12 / 1.47 pm

    Hi, I have loss my Audio drivers forNotebook ACER ASPIRE 1363WLMi, and i cant install any driver to this notebook i can find.can anyone help me?thanx

  18. cnainee 2006-04-12 / 12.25 pm

    dancer> newest drivers can be found on http:\\

    Just select drivers from top menu and follow the selection of your os and etc.

    There is Via VT8235 chipset based mainboard in Acer Aspire 1363WLMi, so choose audio driver for it.

  19. snowdog 2006-05-03 / 10.38 am

    Same problem as Hannibal (No.14) – My LiteOn SlimType DVDRW SOSW-852S suddenly stopped reading/writing DVD +R/-R but still read/writes DVD +RW’s!! Is the drive dead? Acer do not respond to my Emails – so I’m thinking of replacing the drive with a NEC ND-6750 8x Notebook DVD±RW Writer Slimline Internal, do you know of any problems with thisdrive?

  20. SD 2006-05-14 / 10.15 pm

    I have a similar problem but the drive has stopped reading recent dvd’s. New releases are not working but older movies work fine…. Is it just a firmware problem? I sent an e-mail to Acer but I just got a standard ‘You need to rebuild’ reply so far

  21. Hannibal 2006-05-30 / 10.42 pm

    Well well well…
    It’s me again, and it seems that LiteOn really sucks ass, big time!!!
    So we are piling up by the numbers… 3 so far here, right?

    Well, just before posting here, on the 28th of December, last year, I did a backgroung check on LiteOn’s drive in question and found out, that in Spain, where Acer seems to be a major breakthrough brand, 99 out of 100 acer laptop owners have problems!… Well… maybe I’m oversizing it a bit, not 99 out of 100, but certainly 97 or 98 out of 100 :P

    Sometimes the drive never worked once, some other times it died early or simply got limp by the way.
    It smells to me to be a hardware malfunction since many owners flashed the firmware and the problem kept alive, in about 70% of the cases…

    More recently, in April, my laptop, or should I say, the combo drive, which I endured, stopped writing & reading (!) cds also. That was the last straw!
    I sent it back the next day to the warranty.
    …and I’m still waiting…

    By the way, anyone else got problems with the outer shell of the screen backside (pvc) showing some cracks in the “springs” area? Where the screen meets the laptop “itself” (backside)?

    Oh yeah, and Acer doesn’t reply to anyone, except if you contect a local support team, then you might get lucky!

  22. Andrew 2006-06-29 / 7.59 pm

    Hi, i have an Acer aspire 5020 laptop with m/s windows xp on it. Recently my laptop has been unable to play DVDs and CDs properly as the sound/images seem to have slowed down and become extremely choppy. I’ve followed the dvd troubleshooter on XP but it is unable to sort it. Do you have any ideas what it could be? Your help will be much appreciated.Thanks, Andrew

  23. Vlad 2006-06-29 / 8.33 pm

    Hi !
    Please help, kindly request!
    I have an Acer Aspire 1680 with a Slimtype DVDRW SOSW-852S PRS9. From a while I have problems burning CD’s and I don’thave a clue why….
    From a pack of 10 I write succesfully 7-8 and the rest no more. I have tried different trade marks (Verbatim, samsung, Emtec…)but same problem.
    Can you help me ?
    Thank you for your suport

  24. Andrej 2006-07-02 / 2.48 pm

    I’d like to ask if is possible to upgrade 1360 to 1363/ swap video card? Thank’s

  25. Chris 2006-07-03 / 4.12 pm

    I’ve got a SOSW-852S combo drive in my sons ACER 2201WLMi. Drive appears to read DVD’s but won’t have anything to do with CD’s at all. I’ve looked fro a driver on the net but this appears to be a common problem with this device.

  26. Chris 2006-07-04 / 8.27 pm

    Help! Can anyone give me some ideas about how I can overcome the problem of not being able to recognise/play/detect a CD with this DVDRW drive?

  27. Hannibal 2006-07-11 / 10.56 pm

    TO NR: 23 + 25 + 26:


    by the way:
    I got my acer laptop back a while now, sent it to acer technical support dept., and they changed the combo from the already known SOSW-852S to a SOSW to a SOSw-833S which has the exact same features but it came with VRS2 firmware, which seems to be the latest one they made.

    And now it works fine –> finally!!!

    My advice to all of you who have this problem or similar: if your warranty time hasn’t expired, sent it for repair NOW, they have to change the drive at no cost for you; if it has expired try updating the firmware (maybe with VRS2…?)

    All this because LiteOn sucks, and they seem to be unable to assemble a drive that just fucking works!

    (Oh yeah, those cracks in the external case I spoke about earlier: it a fault in the pvc; while the springs behind it are too strong, the pvc doesn’t stand the torsion made by them, hence the cracks –> covered by the warranty also)


  28. shane 2006-07-11 / 11.45 pm

    I bought an Averatec AV3270-EH1 a little more than a year ago. Warranty expired about 3 weeks ago. Having the same problems. Reads and writes CD’s but will not read or write DVD’s. Can anyone tell me what DVD drives are compatible with the above model Averatec. I do not want to replace with the Liteon SOSW-8526. Would appreciate a word from someone who knows.

  29. steph 2006-08-28 / 10.47 am

    4 months afetr I bought my 1363 wlmi notebook, the drive began to gave me problems : CD were unreadable, and I could only burn 7-8 dvd out of 10. And then quite quickly the drive died… I didn’t want to send it for repair (even if it was still covered by the guaranty), so I bought a very good Pionner DVDR-K16 (DL+DVD-RAM) burner, and now everything is fine !!

    The LiteOn burners really are crap electronic devices !!
    I will never buy this brand again and will not recommend it to anyone.

    At first sight, 9 out of 10 peoples have problems with the SOSW-852S drive.

  30. Snobie 2006-08-28 / 6.02 pm

    I have the same problem with the lite-on combo drive.My machine has been back to acer for repair but it didn’t last long it’s dead again,and now it’s out of warranty they want alot of money to repair it.Think i might try trading standards?????? I’ll let you know how it goes.

  31. saltandseamission 2006-09-11 / 4.31 pm

    i have a aspire acer computer pn 91ab675003 ds#ab683f08
    i want to install a ethernet card for a dsl line
    looking at the back i have no slots for adding
    need help in installing thank you

  32. lpso708 2006-09-22 / 1.15 pm

    I am in the same boat with SOSW852s. Will liteon have up to date frimware to fix this problem

  33. Ross Craig 2006-09-25 / 1.45 pm

    I have an Acer Aspire 1680. The cd/dvd drive is not being detected. I called tech support, but out of warranty and wouldn’t help at all. Anyone have any suggestions?

  34. Kerry Hershberger 2006-09-25 / 6.19 pm

    Another SOS-w833s bited the dust. I believe I will swap out drives based on this thread and thanks for all your posting to help me.

  35. Jonathan 2006-10-05 / 7.11 pm


    I have an acer 1622 LM the slimtype dvd combo driver is dead too. slimtype sdw 432S. My question: can I choose any new device on the market that I want to replace the old damaged one. Or are there restrictions on my choise?

    Can anyone tell me what it will cost me? (average price for a good brand)

    thank you

  36. Roger 2006-10-13 / 10.10 am

    I have a Acer 1502LMi and yes you guessed it my Liteon SDW-431s dvd writer has stopped reading and writing discs and the laptop is out of warranty, i have got around it now but i had enough, was looking at getting the NEC ND-6570 dvd writer. I have been searching the net to find out if it is compatible.

  37. unhappy acer customer 2006-10-19 / 1.35 am

    I just say gangsta-methods. Shame on you, Acer.

  38. cg 2006-11-30 / 4.07 pm

    My Aspire 3000 slimtype DVDRW SOSW 833S drive doesnt detect DVDs anymore (after a OS Reinstall) . CDs work fine. Please help.

  39. Pontus 2006-12-27 / 11.14 pm

    Oh man!

    First of all i want to apologize for my poor english =o(

    Have searched the forums everywhere and everybody have problems with there SOSW-852S CD/DVD. People says there CD/DVD`s stops reading cd`s & dvd`s. My Problem is far more urgent. My Acer Aspire 1520 cant find my cd/dvd player at all. I have tried everything. And i have accepted it. Its gone… And thats not all. My wireless network card has gone down to. But i have succeded to replace it with a new Intel card. Works ok!

    And people DONT try to make a new windows install. First time i tried it completely crashed down. I had the garranty and Acer returned my computer with the same old XP version. So i tried again =o). And guess what happened? LOL. It crashed once more. And then i got this idea. Maybe the reason why i cant reinstall XP is beacuse of overheating =o). So i live in a cold country so i went outside in -15 degrees celsius. LOL. And guess what BINGO =o). Install proceeded succesfull. Brrrr =o(

    My Aspire 1520 is now 20 months old. The blue screens appear continusly, the CD/DVD player is completely gone, wireless card problems continues etc.I will NEVER by a Acer again. NEVER ! After reading the forums i have drawn the conclusion that there is a factory error on the most models and where i live the garranty covers for 2 years if proven error from factory so….. THE BATTLE GOES ON !!! WISH ME LUCK / PEACE

  40. Alser 2007-01-05 / 11.08 pm

    I have a Liteon SOHW External CD’DVD writer, the problem I’m having is it copies CD’s fine but when trying to copy DVD it only burns about 7%, the stopsHas anyone any solutions,

  41. Adaone 2007-01-07 / 2.17 pm

    Hi guys!

    I`ve joined to the club as my Lite-on SOSW-852 has stopped working. It`s in my Acer Aspire 1670 laptop what I bought 20 months ago. I`ve tried different firmwares but it`s completely dead. I`m really pissed off but I need to buy a new one and I`m looking for a good, reliable model(not Lite-on of course). Could anyone help me please which combo fits in Acer Aspire(the shapes of the combos are different, SOSW-852 is round shaped) and which drives work fine?

  42. Steve 2007-01-15 / 5.29 pm

    Hello all,
    Well I have an aspire 5004WLMI with the new slimtype sosw-833s vrs2 the laptops about 8 months old and still under warranty but I am reluctant to send it in because I need it for school. After a “good” friend helped me mount a virtual drive with daemon tools on my machine about a week ago so that I could play a “cool” game, the drive is pretty much a paper weight to me. I can’t read or write any sort of media with it what-so-ever! I have uninstalled the daemon and that didn’t help either! The optics are clean, it powers up as if it reads the disc but eventually cannot tell that there is a disc in the tray. I have went to this site for possibly getting the firmware update the “vrs3” but on all of the forums I only hear that doing this to my particular drive only totally destroys it. What do you guys think? I am running out of options here. Please help.

  43. anan 2007-02-02 / 4.13 am

    i bought an acer aspire 3260 accer is a rubish brand thats why its so damn cheap i sent it for repair and 3 weeks later same problem its has hardware mulfunction parity error system has halted it a rubish make.

  44. Les Goldsmtih 2007-02-06 / 4.50 am

    My Acer Aspire 1363 has a resource conflict when booting up (except when i take it in for repair – then it works fine). It beeps on boot up and then I have to hit F2 to go on with boot. Then it says new hardware needs to be installed, but of course I can’t because I can’t get on the Net. Is this like problem 14? What can I do? thanks!

  45. Michael Moore 2007-02-11 / 11.29 pm

    HI! Just google searched trying to find ideas to fix a problem w/ my ACER, and ran across your forum. My ACER is having the same problem stated in Comm.#22 on this page, my DVD/Music is playing at about Half speed, and I’ve done everything I can w/ windows upd., defrags, deleting unnecessary operating progs., etc. Can anyone provide me with any advice on what they’ve done to correct the same problem? Thanks a lot!

  46. aldrinbautista 2007-02-21 / 2.21 pm

    pls help need to get my original firmware version PSB2 for my slimtype dvdrw sosw-852s…thanks&Godbless u all…

  47. Neuromancer 2007-02-27 / 12.15 am

    Using Latest 93.71 nvidia drivers
    Unpack drivers into a location of your preference; go to device manager and pick “update driver”, directing at the primary location where the driver files are unpacked to. Unclick “show compatible hardware” and install FX5200 drivers.

  48. June 2007-04-13 / 3.04 pm

    I have an acer aspire 1520 and please can someone tell me how to find the POUND sign!! I know the sign is above the 3 but when i press this i get #. HELP !!

  49. adam 2007-04-14 / 12.43 am

    firdst off topic, fo keyboard settings you need to switch from US to UK layout, that is I think in country settings in the control panel, otherwise use “charmap” from start run programs and copy the pound sign to the clipboard… back to my ACER DVD problem, it stopped working a while back I thought it might be because it fell onto the tiled floor, but readingyour forum it seems not. The drive is working fine for CD’s and reads some DVD’s but writing DVD’s starts to work then bombs out halfway. Does anyone know where I can buy a new drive that will fit in my Aspire 1350, or where I can find the latest .bin files for firmware update, I saw pioneer released some recently see
    but they dont seem to recognise OEM drives :( Bye

  50. Stikz 2007-05-18 / 2.23 am

    Acer freaking sucks with this cheaply made crap! Theres like 30 comments of people having the same problem I am. GEEZ!

  51. Stefano 2007-06-17 / 11.48 am

    I’m not even worrying anymore of the cd drive…i simply burn an image and then take it with an usb pen to the desktop pc that works 100%…

    MY PROBLEM is that i just formatted my aspire 1360 and i lost the driver cds…now where can i find that damn inprocomm driver for wi-fi??

    anyone knows? else i’ll bang my head on the monitor in the next: 5 days

    :( eventually contact me @ thunderfactory yahoo it. add dots and @s at your own will.

    thank you :)

  52. Jemuel 2007-07-14 / 12.17 am

    The microphone on my acer aspire 5610z has been uninstalled somehow and it still picks up sound. do you know were i can get the driver for it so i can turn it down again or could you even tell me the name of the driver i need. please get back to me soon. thank you.

  53. alcofrebis 2007-08-07 / 4.30 pm

    Hello everybody!
    I need to reinstall windows xp on my laptop (acer aspire 1360WLMi) from external DVD Drive as my LiteOn drive is dead crap. Is it possible to upgrade BIOS so I can install system by the USB port?
    Thanks a lot!

    PS:LiteOn is such a fucking shit!

  54. Brian 2007-11-20 / 2.02 pm

    Hi I’m looking for some help. I have a 1362wlmi and surprise surprive the DVD/CD writer is giving me problems can anybody offer any suggestions as to a reliable replacement.

  55. Zameer 2007-12-25 / 12.59 am

    Every time i insert a blank Dvd into my drive, it doesnt appear at all. it doesnt even show it to me as a blank disc it is as though there is nothing in the drive. i really need to copy some movies but this problem is becoming very irritable. please help me!

  56. Patricia 2007-12-29 / 2.11 am

    i am having the same problems with my acer aspire 5100 as a lot of people on this forum. The sound and graphics when i play dvds are dragged out and iterrupted. any ideas?

  57. alex 2008-01-01 / 9.53 am

    Patricia press cntrl+alt+delete top bring up the task amanger and click the performance tab. watch the CPU usage chart and see if it goes up to 100% and hangs there. My 5100 does that. It is a serious problem that took my a eyar to discover. now i have no warranty and my computer hangs 100% cpu usage for ~13 seconds occuring every ~13 seconds. I can only do things on this computer that require little processing or video usage. I am seriously pissed. My roomie just got and acer screen. It of course sucks ass. I recomend to anyone never buy an acer product again.

  58. Donald Dixon 2008-01-20 / 10.59 pm

    None of my drives or components are working right, I need them arranged to customized specification.

  59. Donald Dixon 2008-01-20 / 11.00 pm

    None of my drives or components are working right, I need them arranged to customized specification.I have an Acer Aspire 3680.

  60. Angel Hernandez 2008-01-28 / 10.29 pm

    hi i have a problem with my cd/dvd drive. i have a Slimtype DVDRW SOSW-852S and from one day to the next it stopped working. when i go into device manager it has a yellow exclamation point next to it and it reads – Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39….ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling and updating the driver yet nothing and the problem still occurs. what can i do to fix this? plz help ty.

  61. Angel Hernandez 2008-01-28 / 10.30 pm

    btw its on a ibuypower laptop

  62. Bob Keir 2008-02-21 / 5.03 am

    I have an Acer 3003WLMi, guess what, it also sucks ass! I would like to know if there is a decent dvd combo replacement for the SOSW 833s. I dont think its a coincidence that the first three letters are “SOS”

  63. Henrik 2008-03-07 / 9.40 am

    I have an Acer Aspire 5025WLMi and i resently installed a version of XP-pro during this I formated my drivers and now i cant find a working wlan driver at all. I have tried te drivers on the Acer wensite but cant get them working

    Could you please help me?

  64. ron buysse 2008-03-07 / 11.16 am

    i have a dvd burner slimtyp dvdrw sos 852s 9
    where can i find a update ???

  65. Pete 2008-03-11 / 2.04 pm

    I couldnt find either this problem or solkution to it anywhere –

    I have the Acer 1363WLMi. Standby mode doesnot work, frezzes with black screen once activated. I dont use it so that is not a major issue.

    The thing that bugs me the most it is graphic adapter issue.

    It will work fine for not really specific period of time (once whole day, then it will happen more often cannot see the exact pattern. maybe its a long shot but it tends to happen when battery level oscilates within 70-80+ more level running both on battery and on charging mode. I’m just testing it right now by running it solo on AC power.)*

    *tested – just started again on slolo AC power. but did not crash

    The problem looks like that – will start with small vertical lines running randomly through the screen and will just get worse – the screen will go black for a second, fan will start (!) and it will eventually crash with frozen distorted screen and one long and two short beeps. That seems to say that the display adapter is malfunctioning but reset it and it will go back to normal. It kinda starts with a ‘click’ in the hard drive.

    is it cooling problem? how to fix the darn thing? s.o.s.!

  66. Vanessa 2008-10-20 / 5.07 am

    Hi. Um i pray you can help me! I dropped my acer laptop on a concrete basement floor that is covered with carpet. The coputer was turning on and everything was working just fine. the only problem is that the battery was dying and when it died, we tried to charge it. but now it doesnt charge, even with the charger connected. The green light on the charger comes on, but the light on the computer showing that its charging won’t come on. What is wrong with it and can i fix it myself before my dad comes home??????? Please help!!!!

  67. Musti 2008-12-06 / 3.33 pm

    Hey, I’m using an Acer Aspire 1363LMi .
    I’ve got a problem, my Dvd reader does not read anymore & when I check my hardware it isn’t there.. What should I do now?
    Pleeeaaassee help me! Add me ons msn..


  68. Pavlos 2009-10-28 / 7.42 pm

    Help me!!!
    I need a bios files for acer aspire 1363wlmi
    because i have bad flash to v1.15

  69. Knight of Mercy 2009-11-09 / 12.46 pm

    To recover your bios you’ ll need:

    1- A USB Floppy Drive
    2- Crisis.exe for 1360 series
    3- A safe BIOS file (1.14 is safe) – Google for “”

    Preparing the Floppy Disk

    1- Run Crisis.exe
    2- Check “Formatting”
    3- Follow the on-screen instructions
    4- Explore the Floppy and delete “BIOS.WPH”
    5- Unzip and look in DOS/Discrete subdirectory for EXTV114.WPH
    6- Copy EXTV114.WPH to floppy and rename it to BIOS.WPH

    The procedure:

    1- Connect the USB Floppy
    2- While pressing “Fn” & “Esc” press Power ON.
    3- When Floppy starts reading, release “Fn” & “Esc”.
    4- Cross your fingers and wait.

    Most probably you’ ll revive the aspire.

    I did the same yesterday night with success.

    All the files needed are available.
    A Crisis Disk is also available.

    Send me an email with your contact details for additional info.

    Regards from Athens, Greece.

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