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In Romany Amare Roma means "Our Romany".

The project is aimed both at Romany and Gadzios. Series of video-programmes focusing on Romany history, traditions and culture and also on famous Romany people living in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary or Germany are a part of the project.

There is also a short Romany language course, (introducing Romany in the form of its Slovakian dialect spoken by the majority of Romany living in the Czech Republic) probably the first of its kind in the world. The author of the language course is Dr. Hana Šebková. There have been 36 parts of the programme made so far and these were on in the Czech TV.

Samples from the series

Language course

Celebrities - 100 Romany of the Present


History and traditions


Texts for download



All parts of the series are available on video cassettes, which will be sent cash on delivery.


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