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autor - malyfred / 29. 8. 2005 /
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místo: Praha; čas: srpen 2005; publikováno: 29. 8. 2005


  1. Karenzia 8. 1. 2006 / 8.16

    That picture remeber me the greats 60s, in particular 1968, im praga, in France, in my own Mexico.
    it was cruel, it was so sad, we still fighting against the goverment, violence etc.But every day we want to think about our past, the real past…..powerful ideas and many dreams.

  2. malyfred 8. 1. 2006 / 13.56

    Karenzia:: This is from Prague 2005. It’s on the wall of Ministry of Inner Affairs to remind us the police crackdown on the CzechTek 2005 rave.

    It’s not that idealistic anymore. No political goals are present among the tekno community but violence is still the most common way how government deals with any ineligible people:(

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