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författare - malyfred / 18. 3. 2006

This post can be understood properly only by those who have a longer experience with Sweden, Swedes and their culture.

Swedish girl from:

Well, this girl looks as Swedish as possible. Am I right Claudio?:) But the most Swedish "stuff" around is something else, something extraordinary!

I could die for a cup of coffee…

Nothing can be more Swedish than this.

You know… THE SYSTEM!



  1. jan 29. 3. 2006 / 17.55

    perfectly true, been there, seen that.

  2. Allan 30. 4. 2006 / 21.33

    HAHAHA!!! Man, I remember when I was in the Swedish military. I was the guard commander in one of the regiments, and even though the guard very well KNEW who I was, he called me up for identification when I was sitting there in my car outside the port waiting to bet let in to the regiment. This is so typical Swedish.. My GOD I’m happy I don’t live in Sweden anymore.. :)

  3. missyCola 21. 10. 2007 / 18.31

    Too bad, I wanted to watch the movie, but it is not working (anymore). The poster above is nice…it got my attention and I am a girl. ;-)
    Anyway, nice blog!

  4. malyfred 28. 10. 2007 / 12.45

    I’ve uploaded the video to YouTube – should work better now.

  5. luciana 12. 12. 2008 / 8.46

    i have never been in sweden, cause iam argentine, but i always look up in the web photos from your country, its very beautiful. And you people are gorgeous! blond hair,tall, light blue eyes, you cant complain! Everybody around the world wants that kind of features you have i mind you are perfect. i love sweden men, you cant complain, except the sistem of course, that because of what you ve said it seems to be awfull. i hope you undesrtand me well, cause this is not my language, is my english okey? somebody answer me, i hope my message flatter you swedish people. bye bye!Was nice talkinG to you!

  6. cron 4. 2. 2009 / 14.01


    While ”The System” often may be irritating there are important reasons why it is there. And important thing is that it does work.

    Also, people from Northern Europe are as much irritated by apparent lack of system when they are visiting Southern countries or other places in the world.


    P.S. I am not Swede.

  7. Jeff 13. 4. 2009 / 19.14

    Hahaha! It is SO true, so typical. They really are incredibles.

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