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author - malyfred / 2007-02-10

Sometimes I'm wondering what all these "modern artists" are thinking about their audience or if there is actually any real audience for their art. When I visited Transmedialefestival for art and digital culture in Berlin last week I had this strange feeling about artists and their relationship with the audience quite often.

Tuns and tuns of so-called artists everywhere. Intellectuals talking about bullshit and even professors of famous universities (e.g. Friedrich Kittler of Humboldt Universität Berlin) giving talks about topics they don't understand at all. But diamonds are usually found in piles of waste rock and I have been lucky enough to find some wonderful stuff.

At the first glance reactable may look as another piece of "art" but in fact it's mainly beautiful example of science showing us how future computer systems could be controlled. It employs bunch of advanced techniques such as pattern recognition, real-time audio and video processing, multitouch interface etc. It's been developed by scientists so the musical part is a bit "underdeveloped" but as soon as some real musician gets involved in…




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  1. thefly 2007-02-12 / 12.31 pm

    how would you say they don’t know what they are talking about? Do you?

  2. malyfred 2007-02-12 / 12.45 pm

    Well, there were few hundred people from all around the world who paid real money to get there and there was virtually no discussion after his 40 minutes talk – what would be your conclusion?

  3. thefly 2007-02-13 / 12.05 am

    Probably that THEY don’t know what he was talking about :) Many of these REAL money are paied by their companies, which doesn’t grant their interest in what he was talking about. If he didn’t know anything about it they probably wouldn’t be there at first place.

  4. malyfred 2007-02-15 / 6.19 pm

    I’d never heard about this guy before and I guess there were quite many people like me who came there because of the topic which sounded promising not because of Friedrich Kittler.

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