Jesus Was Not A Sailor

author - malyfred / 2005-08-19 /
  • česky
location: Prague, Czech Republic; August 2005


  1. Robert 2005-08-19 / 7.59 am

    Pekny gymnasta.

  2. Taylor 2007-04-15 / 8.35 am

    i thought he did on a cross?and he wasn’t a sailor either
    so wat’s up with the sailor thing?

  3. malyfred 2007-04-19 / 6.33 pm

    …And Jesus was a sailor
    When he walked upon the water
    And he spent a long time watching
    From his lonely wooden tower…

  4. Esther 2007-05-22 / 6.24 am

    Jesus died in the cross, he walked on the water to teach us to hav faith

  5. Chrisy Nelson 2007-09-14 / 3.29 pm

    happenin Troops!!!

    Yeez Aw dain ..:)

    Chill ;)(l)

  6. Rachael 2007-11-02 / 11.35 am

    Well technically in gymnastics this position is called a Crucifix, maybe they wanted to combine the skills of sports and religion in two!

  7. rajendiran 2007-11-02 / 5.06 pm

    i want jesus photo

  8. fghh 2008-06-06 / 11.56 pm

    i dont think that is nice i am very christian and he died on a cross not and he walked on water and when he did he told peter to walk on the water and when he took his eye off jesus he started 2 drowned

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