Gmail’s antispam doesn’t work

author - malyfred / 2005-12-21

Look at my Gmail inbox… yellow means spam.


All these spams are obvious spams about viagra and loans. What's wrong with antispam on Gmail? It's never worked for me actually:(

This is much worse than my expectations and it forces me to continue using of Opera's Built-in E-mail Client which is very close to perfect but installed on my laptop and not accessible from everywhere as Gmail is.

Dear Gmail's competitors – WHERE ARE YOU?!


  1. dj 2005-12-21 / 11.33 am

    leaving my emailadress at your site could be picked up as well..
    but have the same proplem with gmail (recently though). not happy about it at all, they keep coming in and the button ‘report spam’is there for decoration

  2. Peter 2005-12-21 / 12.42 pm

    Maybe it is a combined dutch/czech problem. There is one particular doctor that keeps e-mailing me on gmail about my penis….

  3. kyte 2006-01-01 / 1.11 am

    gMail’s antispam works just fine for me. Are you sure you havent actually marked one of these as ok at some time? or worse still… maybe the senders have somehow added themselves to your addressbook?

  4. fadi 2007-03-31 / 7.49 pm

    it works fine to me i think you have problem with your penis that why they keep emailing you ha ha ha

  5. Rafi 2007-04-11 / 1.08 am

    The reason why spam comes through is by people leaving their email out publicly, such as on this site or even public places such as Craigslist. I did a little test one time. I created 2 new Gmail accounts, and immediately listed something on Craigslist with one of them. Overloaded with spam, and it passed through Gmails filters.

    Don’t leave your email ANYWHERE.

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