How to use FeedBurner with WordPress without .htaccess file

autor - malyfred / 2. 12. 2005

What is FeedBurner?


For those who don't know FeedBurner yet – continue to services description. Shortly – you get statistics and some aditional services for your RSS feed for free.


How to use it with WordPress?

If you use .htaccess file on your web – continue to WordPress FeedBurner Plugin.

The other people (including me) who are not allowed to use .htaccess files by their webhosting company. (So we have to have index.php in the permalink structure of our WordPress powered website.) must employ simple hack to achieve the same result.

Step by step

  1. Register at FeedBurner and when they ask you about your feed address use this:
  2. Now the hack comes. Open wp-feed.php in the root directory of your site and edit it according to this example:

    if (empty($doing_rss)) {
    $doing_rss = 1;
    require(dirname(__FILE__) . '/wp-blog-header.php');

    //this is the code for FeedBurner
    if( $wp_query->query =='feed=feed' ){
    //end of the added code

    where you replace with the address that you've got from the FeedBurner.

  3. All feeds from the default RSS address generated by WordPress (http://yourweb/index.php/feed/ e.g. are redirected to the FeedBurner but your readers don't notice any change.

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  3. Gary Slinger 12. 1. 2006 / 22.02

    Do you have a version of the above that works if the permalink structure of WordPress is set to other than the default, i.e. to date and name based?


  4. malyfred 13. 1. 2006 / 19.16

    Gary Slinger:: Do everything as suggested and offer this address to your visitors:

    http: //yourweb/index.php?feed=feed

    They’ll be redirected to the Feedburner. That’s 100% safe way.

    But I think that my recipe should work with any permalink structure, anyway.

  5. Greg 13. 1. 2006 / 21.18

    Hey Malyfred,
    Thanks for this great script. It doubled my feedburner readership. I only have one problem left though.

    I used to use the standard wordpress permalinks, and obtained a lot of readers through this at

    I now switched my permalinks, and obtained a lot of readers through

    I tried your script, and all of my readers through the second link go to my feedburner link, but my original readers can still access my wordpress generated rss through

    What can I do to ensure that both go there? Thanks

  6. malyfred 13. 1. 2006 / 23.23

    Greg:: hmmm, then you can do something like this – change:

    if ($feed == '' || $feed == 'feed')


    if ($feed == '' || $feed == 'feed' || $feed == 'feedburner')

    and this:

    if( $wp_query->query =='feed=feed' )


    if( $wp_query->query =='feed=feed' || $feed == 'rss2')

    Then set in Feedburner as the address of your feed.

  7. Fringe 2. 2. 2006 / 10.46

    Thanks for this hack.
    I used it for my blog and it does work.
    But I think There is some issue connected to
    the in the comments template.
    I see a lot of 404 error with this link
    Any hint?

  8. TreeFrog 22. 2. 2006 / 5.39

    Terrific Blog you have. Peace Out.

  9. JiggyWittit 6. 3. 2006 / 11.33

    Kewl blog you got goin on up here.
    Peace, JiggyWittit

  10. Nudecybot 21. 3. 2006 / 21.56

    When you say “edit it according to this example” do you mean REPLACE the code indicated or ADD to that existing code within the curly brackets?

  11. Nudecybot 21. 3. 2006 / 22.02

    Oh I get it, I just need to append that code to the section you indicate. Many thanks!

  12. elwyndfw 10. 4. 2006 / 3.46

    I’ve been messing with this suggestion for a while, and can’t seem to get it to work. It works when I modify it locally, however, I get an attempted redirect and a 500 internal server error. I’m using the latest version of wordpress…

    Any ideas?

  13. Ryan Wagner 22. 6. 2006 / 1.56

    I tried to do this and I got an error as well. It gave a link to where the page had moved and said there was a 500 error. This would have been perfect, too!

    Thanks for trying.


  14. Felipe 26. 1. 2007 / 10.46

    thanks for the tip…
    it worked just fine to me =)

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  16. sopitikoj 8. 9. 2007 / 5.02


    I really appreciated and say thank you for Keep up the great work online


  17. Michael 27. 3. 2008 / 13.06

    I’ve just spent too long trying to get the feedsmith thing to work – no joy. But cheers for this hack – am off to try it and see how I get on. TY for the help.

  18. Web 2.0 & Usability Blog 15. 4. 2008 / 16.52

    I love using Feedburner, why does it get such a tough time?

  19. Vandit 2. 5. 2008 / 9.31


    I used feedburner plugin. But let me know if i want feed comment for Post 1 and Post 2.

    Then also feedburner works?


    I have created feeds in feedBurner for Posts and comments below

    2) Installed Plugin and add above links.

    3) Now when i clicked on rss link for any post in wordpress it displays same feed for all the posts.
    it should display comments based on Posts only.

    for Feeding the post also … if i clicked on any category feed it will show me the same result for any category?

    Is that possible to pass cat id or page id to feedburner link to diplay the comments for individual post and posts for the individual category

  20. Kaydee 19. 5. 2008 / 5.42

    Dude your tips really work. Finally! I was having trouble getting feedburner to see my feeds :)

  21. hekimboard 2. 7. 2008 / 8.12

    thank yusufe ..hekimboard is very good

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  24. Albatol Network 21. 7. 2009 / 11.53

    Thanks for the article.. nice tips and solved the feed problem

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  26. IT CAREER 9. 11. 2009 / 8.15

    Dude your tips really work. Finally! I was having trouble getting feedburner to see my feeds :)

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    And when I use icon on adress bar,I have

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